School Improvement Programme (SIP) by Agha Khan Foundation

Disritct Project Name Activites Cost Noc Timeline
Lower Chitral,Upper Chitral School Improvement Programme (SIP) by Agha Khan Foundation Provision of equitable access to literacy, technical/vocational education & entrepreneurship opportunities especially for young women (15- 24 years). Improved physical learning environment in schools. Head teachers/ teachers trained and mentored on educational leadership, especially Instructional Leadership, gender-sensitive content, developing a reading culture, efforts to improve student learning outcomes, importance of education and how to support their children, especially girls. Robust MERL system developed and effectively used. Conduct research studies e.g., solutions to girls dropping out; RfC; ECOP strategies, Learning from MERL disseminated $ 223412 August 2016 to February 2021 (Extension)

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