Elementary & Secondary Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Heads of Department

Vision & Mission



Complementing this Mission, the vision for the education sector is as follows:
Provide quality education enabling all citizens to reach their maximum potential;

Produce responsible and skilled citizens;
Integrate Pakistan into the global framework of human centered economic development.

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Developing human resources in Pakistan as a pre-requisite for global peace, progress and prosperity”

The National Education System to meet the basic learning needs of our society emphasizing
basic literacy and life skills, increase access

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Our Offices

Secretariat of E&SE

Formulation of policies, strategies and regulations for Schools Education & Literacy. Preparation & Processing of Annual Developmental Programs (ADP) for E&SE.

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Directorate of E&SE

Financial Management functions,Human Resource Development functions. Planning & Development Functions, Personnel Management, School Supervision and Inspection.

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District Education Offices

Ensure monitoring of PTCs funds of classroom are being effectively utilized. Monitoring & Evaluation purpose. Reforms in Boards.Reforms in Training Institutions.

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