Elementary & Secondary Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Heads of Department

Vision & Mission



Complementing this Mission, the vision for the education sector is as follows:
• Provide quality education enabling all citizens to reach their maximum potential;

• Produce responsible and skilled citizens;
• Integrate Pakistan into the global framework of human centered economic development.

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Developing human resources in Pakistan as a pre-requisite for global peace, progress and prosperity”

The National Education System to meet the basic learning needs of our society emphasizing
basic literacy and life skills, increase access

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Our Offices

Secretariat of E&SE

Formulation of policies, strategies and regulations for Schools Education & Literacy. Preparation & Processing of Annual Developmental Programs (ADP) for E&SE.

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Directorate of E&SE

Financial Management functions,Human Resource Development functions. Planning & Development Functions, Personnel Management, School Supervision and Inspection.

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District Education Offices

Ensure monitoring of PTCs funds of classroom are being effectively utilized. Monitoring & Evaluation purpose. Reforms in Boards.Reforms in Training Institutions.

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Education at your Doorstep

KP Learning Portal

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary & Secondary Education Department has created a learning portal for students to use digital materials to enhance their knowledge. The digital contents is dubbed for easy understandings of students. The students, teacher and Parents can access the Portal on below link:

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KP E&SE Official YouTube Channel

Official YouTube Channel of Elementary & Secondary Education Department has been created for students which contains videos lectures of different subjects of grades 1 to 10. you are requested to like and subscribe the channel to get latest updated videos through the following link: all the videos are for learning purpose only.

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Virtual Teacher Q/A Forum

KP Elementary and Secondary Education department has launched a question answer platform for student, parent and general public to spark the spirit of conceptual knowledge in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics .This platform is also available on Google Play Store as KPESE-Virtual Teacher.

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