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Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education


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2nd & 3rd Floor, Block A, Civil Secretariat, Near MPA hostel Peshawar.
Phone: 091-9225340
Web :    kpese.gov.pk
Open  :  Monday – Friday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Functions of the Directorate of E & SE Department 

  • Financial Management functions
    • Budgets (Both Provincial & District).
    • Accounts.
    • Audit of accounts.
      • Internal Audit.
      • External Audit.
      • Audit of foreign aided projects.
  • Human Resource Development functions.
    • Recruitment (Provincial cadre posts)
    • Personnel database.
    • Posting , Transfer, promotion & grant of leave.
    • In-service training.
    • Performance evaluation.
    • Preparation of Seniority List (Provincial cadre posts)
  • Planning & Development Functions.
    • Preparation of Provincial Development plan (5/10 years).
    • Consolidation of district development plans.
    • Preparation of concept paper/feasibility reports for projects.
    • Preparation, monitoring and coordination of foreign aided projects.
    • Preparation & processing of of PC-1 for approval of DDWP/   ECNEC
  • Literacy & Non-formal Education.

Functions of District /Tehsil offices.

  • Personnel Management
    • Appointments/ Transfers &promotion (Distt Cadre)
    • Preparation of Seniority list.
    • Maintenance of Personal files & Service books.
    • Grant of leave.
    • Performance Evaluation Reports (District cadre)
    • Enquiries & Departmental actions.
    • Pension cases.Court cases.
    • President/ PM/Governor/ CM’s directives.
    • Preparation of Seniority Lists
    • Promotion, Move-over, Selection Grades cases
    • Transfers within districts.
    • Grant of Leave
    • Performance Evaluation/ACRs
    • Honoraria/ Advance increments/Overtime allowances
    • Pension cases
    • Directives of Governor/ PM/CM and Complaints
    • Monitoring & inspection of Schools
    • Check on absenteeism of teachers.
  • Financial Management
    • Preparation of Budget for respective districts.
    • Drawing & Disbursing function.
    • Monthly/ quarterly & annual expenditure/ reconciliation reports.
    • Sanctioning all sort of financial claims and other account matters
    • Internal Audit of accounts.
    • Purchases & Procurement.
  • Planning and Development.
    • Proposals for establishment of new schools
    • Feasibility Report
    • Preparation of PC I, PC III, PC IV, PC V, Proformas for projects/schemes in the districts.
    • Up-gradation of Schools to the next higher level.
    • Additional class rooms and boundary walls
    • Purchases of land for play grounds.
    • Repairs and maintenance of schools etc.
    • Directives of Governor, PM, CM, President
    • Preparation of Long Term Plans
    • Data collection, EMIS etc.
    • Inspection and progress of constructional work.
    • Taking over of buildings and issuing Completion Certificate
    • Auction of Govt. Buildings / Building material etc.
  • School Supervision and Inspection
    • Supervise the inspection activities and check inspection reports.
    • Visit to Schools and provision of professional guidance to teachers.
    • Assessment of student’s achievement.
    • Assessment of school requirements.
    • Check Teachers attendance.
  • Physical Education (scouts- Girls guide- Tournaments)

Functions at District Education Office Level

Functions and powers of District Education Officer

  • To ensure that the business of the group of offices under his administrative control is carried out in accordance with law and the rules and the human and material resources placed at his disposal are optimally utilized to improve governance.
  • To co-ordinate and supervise the activities of the offices   and ensure efficient service delivery by the functionaries under his administrative control.
  • To supply information to the Monitoring Committees of the Zilla Council and Union Councils.
  • To take appropriate corrective actions based on the information received from Monitoring Committees.
  • To enforce relevant Federal and Provincial laws and rules, including tax laws, according to the directions of the Government.
  • To  prepare development plans and propose budgetary allocations for their execution.
  • Implement approved plans and policies.
  • Authorize disbursement of performance bonuses to the employees.
  • prepare proposals for expenditures necessary for the proper conduct of programs, projects, services, and other activities.
  • Propose relevant bye laws on service delivery to the District Coordination Officer.
  • Act as Departmental Accounting Officer for his respective group of offices and be responsible to the District Accounts Committee of the Zilla Council.

Role of DEO(E&SE) under the devolved system

  • Appointment/Posting and transfer of teachers from BPS 1-10 in the concerned districts.
  • Preparation of PC-I Forms of Developmental Schemes approved by DDC & DDWP.
  • Spending of Developmental and recurrent budgets of the District Elementary & Secondary Education Department.
  • Supervision of Schools in his district.
  • Monitoring of Developmental Schemes
  • Preparation of monthly & quarterly reviews.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Coordination .


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