Community Based Girls School:

Date : June 2018
Location : KPK , Peshawar
Category: Teachers Trainings
  • Girls Community Schools (GCS’) are located in rural and remote areas across all districts of the province, in areas that do not have government primary schools.
  • 2010-13: 196 Schools for 13,651 girls
  • 2013-16: 1,251 Schools for 43,220 girls who were out of school across KP were enrolled in these schools.
  • So far, the ESEF has set up over 1,700 GCS’ with a total grant of PKR 1.4 billion.
  • In addition to this, these GCS’ provide a source of livelihood to nearly 2,150 women living in rural communities who are now teachers of the GCS’.
  • These schools provide education to over 99,000 students. Of these, more than 65% are girls

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