Internal Advertisement for Placement of Staff in PITE and DCTE
Elementary & Secondary Education Department
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

E&SED is pleased to receive applications for the placement of internal staff in the following positions in Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE) Peshawar and Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Education (DCTE) Abbottabad:


  1. Subject Specialist- English (BPS-18)
  2. Subject Specialist- Social Sciences (BPS-18)
  3. Subject Specialist- In-Service-Chemistry (BPS-18)
  4. Subject Specialist- Pre-Service (BPS-18)
  5. Subject Specialist- Urdu (BPS-18)
  6. Subject Specialist- Biology (BPS-18)
  7. Subject Specialist- Social Science ( BPS-18)


  1. Senior Instructor- Biology/Chemistry (BPS-18)
  2. Senior Instructor- Physics/Math (BPS-18)
  3. Senior instructor- Leadership & Management (BPS-18)
  4. Senior instructor- English (BPS-18)
  5. Senior instructor- URDU (BPS-18)
  6. Senior instructor- Material Development (BPS-18)
  7. Senior Instructor – Monitoring & Evaluation (BPS-18)
  8. Subject Specialist- Bio/Chemistry (BPS-17)
  9. Instructor – Material Development Science (BPS-16)
  10. Senior Instructor- Early Childhood Educaiton (ECE) BPS-18

Application form, Course Outline and Model Paper

How to apply

  1. Each position has Job Description and Eligibility Criteria.
  2. All the applicants are directed to review the JDs and Eligibility Criteria and if they qualify for the positon only then submit application.
  3. The envelop of the application MUST mark the a) Institution and b) positon applied

    Application for
    Position: Subject Specialist- English (BPS-18)
    Institution: DCTE

  4. The deadline for submitting the application is January 30, 2017.
  5. Application should be submitted to the relevant institutions:


Applicants for the positions of DCTE should be submitted to DCTE

Director DCTE
College Road
Mandian Abbottabad
Tel: 0992-382531


Applicants for the positions of PITE should be submitted to PITE

Director PITE
Landi Sarak. Larama
Near Benazir Shaheed Women University
Tel: 091-9224783

Rafiq Khattak
Director Elementary & Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Elementary and Secondary Education Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan