Compendium: Assessment (2016) Findings and Tips for Teachers


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If you are reading this compendium, you are hopefully a primary school teacher teaching in the schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This compendium is designed for you.  But if you are a subject specialist in the DCTE or PITE, this compendium is also for you, as it will help you identify the areas that require attention and remediation in the professional development activities. The compendium can also be useful for the subject specialists at the Textbook Board and book publishers. Briefly speaking, anyone who is engaged in improving teaching and learning in the classroom will find this compendium useful.

Its purpose is to assist you in teaching better. As you know well, your pupils find some concepts difficult and others easy.  You also know from your classroom experience that the only way to find what pupils find difficult is by assessing their learning.  In your classroom you assess their learning by asking them questions.  When you notice that some pupils have not developed a good understanding of the topic, you make an extra effort with those pupils. You also give your pupils periodic tests (we also call such tests assessments).  These tests inform your pupils about their performance and give you information about the areas where they are experiencing difficulties.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (E&SED) has decided to provide you with more information about your pupils’ learning by conducting regular assessments. It is expected that this information will help you in responding to the learning needs of your pupils and will ultimately result in improvement in their learning gains. It is currently conducting these assessments at the level of class2 and class 5.  All children enrolled in class 5 are expected to appear in this assessment.
The compendium in your hands is a result of this initiative. It will provide you information about the mistakes made by the pupils. It will also give you some tips to help your pupils overcome their learning difficulties.  You will also be getting text messages on your mobile devices containing tips for you to use in your classroom in different school subjects.  Please note that DCTE will publish an updated version of this compendium every year after the schedule assessments of class 2 and 5.
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