Planning Cell


Vision and Planning of Elementary & Secondary Education Department

  1. Education is first priority.
  2.  Focus on girls Education.
  3.  Education centered development.
  4.  Public sector is the main arena.
  5.  Enhancement of Education Sector A.D.P.


Roles & Responsibilities of Planning Cell

    1.  Preparation of Annual Development Programme in line with ESP
    2.  Proposals for establishment of new schools
    3.  Foreign Aided Projects
    4.  Emergency Response & preparedness
    5.  Model Schools & Cadet Colleges
    6.  Feasibility Report
    7.  Preparation of PC I, PC III, PC IV, PC V, Proformas for projects/schemes in the districts.
    8. Processing Up-gradation of Schools to the next higher level.
    9. Additional class rooms  and Provision of basic facilities (B/Ws, W/S, G/L & Electrification)
    10. Purchase of land for Schools & play grounds.
    11. Repairs and maintenance of schools etc.
    12. Directives of Governor, PM, CM, President
    13. Preparation of Long Term Plans
    14. Data collection, EMIS etc.
    15. Inspection and progress of constructional work.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Wing (Technical)


M&E Technical Wing has been established in "Strengtheing of Planning Cell" in Elementary & Secondary Education Department since April, 2016. It consists of qualified Civil engineers based at Divisional level, headed by Senior M&E Officer (Tech) and Chief Monitoring & Evaluation at Head Office level.

Monitoring is a management instrument used to ensure that progress is being made towards objectives. Monitoing is mainly concerned with the implementation strategy of the project and to let the implementers know whether it is accoring to the design or not. The Monitoring and Evaluation will be an integral part of the Planning Cell of Elementary & Secondary Education Department. Manadate of the Monitoring and evaluation section will be:

  • To work for bridging the gap between the actual and desired targets in terms of development.
  • Monitor all the developmental activities under ADP projects.
  • Monitor and supervise the work of NGOs/INGOs.
  • Hold progress review meetings with C&W and DEOs E&SE on monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Progress review meetings at P&D and C&W Departments.
  • Deleveop a database and software for monitoring purpose of all development projects.
  • Monitor execution of Civil works executed through C&W, NESPAK, PTCs etc and assist Planning Wing in planning processes.
Elementary and Secondary Education Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan